Sunday, March 7, 2010

North Kansas City BBQ Contest

Albino Rhino BBQ will be competing in our first contest of the year in Kansas City on March 12-13th. This appears to be a pretty large contest and will have some pretty tough competition. We did a bunch of R&D on our brisket this year so we are hoping that we can increase our scores over last year in this category.

I'll try and remember the camera this time and will post pics and results when we get back.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Left over brisket= NACHOS

After the brisket cook on Friday we had left over burnt ends and brisket flat. I chopped the brisket and added tortilla scoops, sour cream, queso dip, mozzarella, and salsa. I also sprinkled some Plowboys yardbird rub over the top. These were very good....and good for you!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Competition Practice--Brisket

Got a 14lb packer(whole brisket) at Sam's on Thursday to prepare to a comp test run this weekend. I am using a new injection for the first time so I was a little anxious to see how it turned out. I injected the brisket late Thursday night and then rubbed it early Friday morning. I fired up the egg and got the brisket on around 6am. Egg ran like a champ in our crappy weather, it was running between 240-260 throught the 11 hour cook. After the cook I wrapped it in foil with a marinade and let it rest in a cooler for about an hour. Overall I was extremely please with this brisket, the burnt ends were off the charts. The taste was outstanding, and the tenderness was good. I cut the brisket too thick but if I cut it a little thinner(like competition) it was have been perfect. It also had a a great bark on it. We finished it with smoked beans and cornbread. We have our first competition coming up next month in KC....I'll post more about that soon.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Competition Practice-Ribs

I fired up the egg yesterday to do some experimenting on our Rib competition recipe. I didn't change the rub or the sauce, just the temperature I cooked them at. I tried cooking them about 25 degrees hotter than I normally do. They turned out pretty good, probably the juiciest ribs I've ever done.